Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rabbit Word Released, IfWizard Switches Hands

We're very happy to announce two news items this evening. Firstly, our speed reading application, Rabbit Word, has been made available on the Mac App Store. We look forward to hearing from folks as they use this app and let us know what they think.

Our second news is something that we've alluded to in previous posts but which has now become much more concrete. With the high level of interest and positive feedback that we have received about IfWizard, we have created a new company, IfWizard Corporation, specifically dedicated to the ongoing improvement, sales, and support of IfWizard. I will continue to head IfWizard's direction and development as IfWizard Corporation's CEO.

We'll have more about this soon, but currently this means that Dom Loves Kim will no longer directly sell IfWizard as it is now owned by IfWizard Corporation, all existing IfWizard customers will now be serviced by the new company, and existing customers will automatically be upgraded to the upcoming releases of IfWizard for free. As we've indicated before, we believe that IfWizard has a tremendous future ahead of it and that we're just getting started. By having a dedicated company for IfWizard that can truly support IfWizard's future growth, we believe that we will be able to much better support our customers.

Speaking of our customers, we would like to thank those who have purchased IfWizard's in these early times and let you know that we consider you partners in the ongoing progress of IfWizard. We want to make the best possible product for you and all our future customers. Thank you for joining us on this adventure and we look forward to sharing more positive developments with you in the near future.

Thank you!



  1. Would love an iOS version of Rabbit Word.... Perfect audience for this type app.

  2. Hi, Thank you for your suggestion! I agree that Rabbit Word would be perfect for the iPad. We will add it to the list of things for Dom to work on in the coming months. :)