Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From Author Jim Miller About Skim Clip...

One of the great things about this business is that we often hear from customers about our software. Whether it's a feature they would like added, a question about the product, or, as in this case, a review, we really are thankful for customer input. We've been invited to share the following comments from one Jim Miller, author of the well-regarded Rabbi Hawkins Mystery Series. Here's what Mr. Miller has to say about Skim Clip:

Skim Clip is amazing. I’m usually disappointed by Apps that claim to do everything, including saving the world, and then do nothing at all. That is not the case with Skim Clip. It does exactly what the developer says it will do. It is a screen capture and OCR combo that works.
Another plus for this program is the obvious time and effort that has gone into making the user manual simple and easy to understand. I was able to walk through the step-by-step instructions and capture a variety of screen shots. I do a lot of screen shots with the Mac’s commands, but they all end up as jpegs. With Skim Slip, I get the jpeg and if I choose, I can convert it into text and then insert it into Word, Pages and Scrivener very easily. 
This is a timesaver I love. I used to cut and paste a captured image into a word processor or have it up on the screen so that I could then type the content into some other program just to make it useable. Not anymore. With Skim Clip, it’s all done for me.
Many thanks to Dominic and Kimberly,  (DomLovesKim Company)
Jim Miller
Thank you very much, Mr. Miller, for these kind words. We hope our readers will check out his books such as Rabbi Joins The Army and Soliders Are Not Always Nice. Mr. Miller also has a website at where you can find out more about his work. Rumor has it that more books are coming soon, so we'd recommend checking his site in the future as well.

Thank you also to the many folks we've heard from since the company's inception in June. With Rabbit Word soon to be the Mac App Store and the IfWizard Professional version 1.1 update released today, we look forward to hearing more from our customers in the future. Thanks again to all of you and please have a great week staying safe and healthy.


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