Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From Author Jim Miller About Skim Clip...

One of the great things about this business is that we often hear from customers about our software. Whether it's a feature they would like added, a question about the product, or, as in this case, a review, we really are thankful for customer input. We've been invited to share the following comments from one Jim Miller, author of the well-regarded Rabbi Hawkins Mystery Series. Here's what Mr. Miller has to say about Skim Clip:

Skim Clip is amazing. I’m usually disappointed by Apps that claim to do everything, including saving the world, and then do nothing at all. That is not the case with Skim Clip. It does exactly what the developer says it will do. It is a screen capture and OCR combo that works.
Another plus for this program is the obvious time and effort that has gone into making the user manual simple and easy to understand. I was able to walk through the step-by-step instructions and capture a variety of screen shots. I do a lot of screen shots with the Mac’s commands, but they all end up as jpegs. With Skim Slip, I get the jpeg and if I choose, I can convert it into text and then insert it into Word, Pages and Scrivener very easily. 
This is a timesaver I love. I used to cut and paste a captured image into a word processor or have it up on the screen so that I could then type the content into some other program just to make it useable. Not anymore. With Skim Clip, it’s all done for me.
Many thanks to Dominic and Kimberly,  (DomLovesKim Company)
Jim Miller
Thank you very much, Mr. Miller, for these kind words. We hope our readers will check out his books such as Rabbi Joins The Army and Soliders Are Not Always Nice. Mr. Miller also has a website at where you can find out more about his work. Rumor has it that more books are coming soon, so we'd recommend checking his site in the future as well.

Thank you also to the many folks we've heard from since the company's inception in June. With Rabbit Word soon to be the Mac App Store and the IfWizard Professional version 1.1 update released today, we look forward to hearing more from our customers in the future. Thanks again to all of you and please have a great week staying safe and healthy.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

IfWizard 1.1 Coming Soon...

We've submitted a minor upgrade to the Mac and iOS App Stores for IfWizard, addressing a bug in action parameters when swapping pages and adding a few small features. Here is the full list of changes:

  • Added settable width and height for images and videos
  • Improved video and audio embedding
  • Redemption code for IfWizard online (more about this soon)
  • Fixed bug in displaying action parameters
  • Fixed rare crashing bug when deleting variables
  • Remove unused media files
We have some very big things coming up for IfWizard and want to make sure to take good care of early customers. The feedback on IfWizard has been very positive and we're really looking forward to the future!

This past week we received word from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that our patent application for IfWizard has been accepted. Thus, it has passed their relatively stringent procedural requirements and will continue to be a legally protected unique software system. While the breadth and duration of software patents have generated some debates in recent years, we are thankful as a small and growing company to be afforded protection of our original work.

As we indicated, lots of big changes are coming for IfWizard and even for Dom Loves Kim. We look forward to sharing more as time goes on. Please let us know if you have any questions about this update or any other matter by contacting us at Thanks!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

A New App: Rabbit Word

We've just submitted a new application to the Mac App Store: Rabbit Word, a speed-reading tool with some innovations based on recent neuroscience research about visual information processing. I've long found the physical act of reading very interesting and as I've recently been watching our youngest son learning to talk, the translation of thoughts into symbolic sounds and phonetic glyphs has again proven fascinating.

Linguistic philosophy and neuroanatomy aside, this app's raison d'ĂȘtre is to allow more of your natural visual brainpower to be applied to reading by seeing chunks of text as idea-objects, rather than codified sounds. While chunking is a long established speed-reading technique, Rabbit Word extends it to help you read by seeing whole ideas rather than words in the same way you recognize a face as a gestalt object rather than just a collection of parts.

Normally reading is kind of like trying to recognize a face by peering at it with a microscope, seeing only an inch at a time. Of course, the brain is a truly phenomenal organ and can do the miraculous trick of turning letters into ideas through recognizing the sound they represent and their corresponding symbolic communication. But, if we could make reading less about imagined listening and more about seeing the ideas, our efficiency and understanding of text could theoretically be greatly increased.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. With the goal of seeing text as complex pictures, we present Rabbit Word, soon to be available on the Mac App Store. We're very excited to see what you think about it.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Free IfWizard Trial Version

A heartfelt thank you to the customers who have already purchased IfWizard! We've heard from a couple folks inquiring about a trial version and one person made a particularly good case for doing so. Well, we agree and we've added a trial version of IfWizard Professional that you can download here.

The trial version does not allow for exporting the wizards, but you can save them for later use should you decide to purchase IfWizard. Additionally, the trial version only allows for three pages to be created in a single wizard. We believe this should allow for a good examination of IfWizard's core features while still making it worthwhile to become a paying customer.

We hope that you enjoy the trial version, like what you see, and purchase IfWizard. If you have any questions about the demo or anything else with regard to IfWizard, please write to us at and we'll be happy to help. Thanks!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Almost 30 Minutes of IfWizard Tutorial Videos Posted

We think IfWizard is a pretty powerful and novel program and that's why we are patenting it. But, even though it makes creating interactive content much easier than other kinds of tools, some training early on can really be helpful in making the most of IfWizard.

To help get new users started, we've added almost 30 minutes of training videos along with a downloadable tutorial project over in the IfWizard manual. You can also view the videos on YouTube here. Whether you are already using IfWizard or considering purchasing it, we recommend that you take a look at these videos to get a good understanding of how IfWizard works.

If you have any questions not answered by the manual or these videos, please let us know at Thank you and good luck!


Apps Galore!

We've eagerly been awaiting Apple's approval for our applications and contacted them yesterday requesting that they expedite their reviews. Well, today's a happy day because they showed us some real kindness and approved all three projects we were waiting on.

As of today, IfWizard Professional, Oh Behave, and Skim Clip 1.1 are all ready on the Mac App Store!

Please check them out and consider their purchase if you'd find them useful. Our next app is nearly complete and hopefully this one will be approved by Apple with like responsiveness. Thank you to Apple, all of our existing customers, and to our soon-to-be customers as well!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Near Future

As with any new software company oriented around "organic" growth, we expect that creating sales will take more than just developing the programs, but also informing folks about them through marketing, networking, and word of mouth. We currently have four more projects that are in progress and expected to be completed this year. With their completion, we will be shifting our focus from creating new products to finding and developing relationships with their potential audiences.

This change will happen through three main paths. Firstly, we will work to provide responsive updates and adjustments that reflect the needs and interests we discover through our expanding customer base. Secondly, we will begin doing marketing and channel development by investigating different kinds of customers and product uses, sincerely engaging them to understand how to best meet their needs with our products, and applying this understanding through carefully positioned advertising and product enhancements and differentiation. And, thirdly, we will begin to explore partnerships and other cooperative endeavors that could be mutually beneficial and sustaining over the long term.

Though we are a new and, therefore, young company, our focus is and will remain stable, long-term growth based on human relationships built on trust that we will earn by listening to you, our customer, and treating individuals and organizations as partners in creating the best software we can for your needs. We've really enjoyed the interactions we've had with our customers since launching in June and are looking forward to the opportunity to listen and respond more completely in the future as we shift in 2013 from raw software development to a focus on co-creating customer solutions.


IfWizard Touch Now Available!

For the most part it's been a long process waiting for approval from Apple. For example, we've been waiting since August 27th for Skim Clip 1.1 to be approved. It's a bit frustrating for a small company like ourselves that is trying to plan for multiple products.

But, there's good news, too. Oh Behave entered the last stage of Apple's review process on October 2nd after being submitted September 10th and will hopefully get approval in the next day or two. Best of all, the iPad version of IfWizard, IfWizard Touch has been approved after being submitted September 23rd! 

Overall, we're happy with Apple's response time, understanding that the iOS approval process is much more established and staffed than the App Store as well as noting the very significant arrival of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. And, hopefully we'll see apps approved more quickly in the future. We're still waiting for IfWizard Professional, which we expect will take a week or two longer as it is an OS X app -- but hopefully not as long as Skim Clip has taken. :)

IfWizard Touch is the first iOS app available from Dom Loves Kim and contains most of IfWizard Professional's functionality with main exception of exporting Mac and Windows applications. We're really excited about this new and powerful application and hope that it will find a large audience on the iPad! 

Now that it's ready, please give it a try and let us know what you think. We truly want to be responsive to our customers and many folks have already seen their importance in how we decide what features to add and what quirks to improve. We appreciate their input and we'd appreciate yours as well! :)

Thanks for reading and please have a great day!