Monday, June 25, 2012

Skim Clip Reviewed by Cult of Mac

All things Apple news site Cult of Mac has added a nice review of Skim Clip, calling it "a very clever, and very handy little Mac app."  Thanks, Cult of Mac! Check out the review here.


  1. I recently purchased your Skim Clip product and am a happy user. I have one important suggestion. In addition to clipping the top window I would suggest you include a "select area" clip function that could disregard the top window and allow the clipping of a selected area of the entire screen. The user would then be able to use your program to not only glean text through OCR but graphics from any displayed source. I'd cough up an extra five for that functionality.

  2. Howdy, Moe. We're glad you like the app and thank you for the suggestion. This feature will be included in the free update coming to Skim Clip in early August. Thanks again and please have a great day!
    Best wishes,